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nijaVoiceToText is a audio file (Voice) to text converter using Google Cloud Speech API. It takes WAV,RAW, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG and MP3 audio files as input and produces a Text file as output. About 110 input languages are supported which means you can convert an arabic or Hindi or urdu speech file into Text form
The program is a simple form.

The program/service costs lowest in the market and costs about $0.04 per minute

Here is a screen shot of the program

nijaVoiceToText screen-shot


 ♦ Google Cloud Speech api use
 ♦ 110 languages supported
 ♦ Lowest cost in the market
 ♦ Convert from any audio laguage English, Hindi, Arabic ...


 ♦ Lecturers wanting transcript of lecture
 ♦ Students wanting transcript of lecture
 ♦ Schools, Colleges training institutes
 ♦ News Reporters for transcipts of interviews

User Details To Download Installer

To Get your copy of the software please make an initial payment of Three US dollars and fill up the following Details so that a monthly bill based on actual usage could be sent to your email id. If no usage you pay nothing in any given month (not reckoning the initial payment). Please note that it may take two to three days for your copy of software to be usable.

Please note the following carefully before you download the installer

  • Make the initial payment of Three US dollars
  • Note that a monthly bill based on actual usage will have to be paid by you within a week.
  • In the event of non payment of bills within a week service will be disconnected
  • Please fill the form below carefully. Thank you!

 ♦ Buy with credit card using PayPal.--click the BuyNow Button below
 ♦ HDFC Bank Tranfer - preferred for customers in India.
 ♦ RTGS/National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) - another preferred method for customers in India.
 ♦ NIJASMART SYSTEMS PVT LTD, A/C NO : 09222560000632

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