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nijaOMR-Commerce the cost effective product for commerce coaching

nijaOMR-Commerce costs you only 150 US Dollars

nijaOMR-Commerce is a desktop application software designed to fulfill the needs of coaching institutes specializing in training students for Chartered Accountant (CA)/Chartered Secretary (CS). It enables a cost effective evaluation of student responses for the major and minor tests.Major test consists of 200 questions in 4 subjects. Minor tests consist of 50 questions

OMR stands for optical mark reader. Candidate answers questions by darkening the appropriate circle. The difference in light intensity is detected by the scanner and the software to evaluate and report the candidate performance on the test.
 ♦  Supports Major and Minor tests for CA/CS
 ♦  Simple report in CSV format which can be exported to Excel
 ♦  In Major tests results of session1 and session2 each of 100 marks duration and conducted separately clubbed by software to give a combined report
 ♦  Use of photocopied OMR sheet possible reducing costs
 ♦  Use of A5 sheets for minor tests reduces paper costs
 ♦  Easy to use software at low price
 ♦  Built in Automatic skew correction

Report Builder

 ♦  Generates Useful reports on the Tests without Excel or other software
 ♦  Find out the top rankers
 ♦  Find out How good the test is and lots of other information such as Point Biserial, Reliability Coefficent and other statistics

 ♦  Coaching institutes coaching for CA/CS exams
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Comparison of features

New Templateyesno
Letters A,B.C,Dyesno
Question Types71
CSV Formatyesyes
A5 Paperyesyes
PriceRs 3000010000

Factors to consider when selecting an OMR Software

Test Volume i.e number of tests to be done per day or week

If test volumes very low like one or two/per week you don't need automated systems. If volumes are like ten then it becomes viable to use automated systems. If volumes are 20 or more per week it becomes a must.

Type of tests

If the test consists of only multiple choice questions you don't need the flexibility of nijaOMR which can handle other types of questions such as matrix match. If the number of questions is more like in AIPMT each paper of 180 questions needs about 45 min to 1 hr for correction. For 10 papers(10 students) this works out to about a day's salary.This can be Rs200 to Rs500.

Frequency of tests

If the tests are too frequent the students don't have preparation time. If too infequent there is laxity. Timely feedback is essential both to the student and the teacher. Most prefer a test from once a week per subject to once a fortnight.

Test Report

The test report should give marks subject wise at the minimum (and not just total marks) for the use of student, teacher,management and parents. See below an example


 ♦ If you need a comprehensive and flexible work horse then nijaOMR is for you.
 ♦  If your need is to test a class of students for Chartered Accountancy(CA) entrance test and Chartered Secretary(CA) entrance test then nijaOMR-Commerce will be cost effective for you.
 ♦ If your need is to test a class of students for AIPMT(NEET) entrance test and JEEMains/advanced test then nijaOMR-Commerce will be cost effective for you.

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Buy nijaOMR.

 ♦ buy nijaOMR.

Buy nijaOMR-Commerce.

 ♦ buy nijaOMR-Commerce.

OMR Products Comparison

Our prices are the best for the features. Check out the tables below!

  • OMR
  • Scanning - yes
  • New Template - yes
  • Print - yes
  • Letters A,B,C,D - yes
  • 7 Question Types
  • MCQs - yes
  • CSV Format - yes
  • A5 Paper - yes
  • Price Rs30000
  • OMR-Commerce
  • Scanning - no
  • New Template - no
  • Print - no
  • Letters A,B,C,D - no
  • 1 Question Type
  • MCQs - yes
  • CSV Format - yes
  • A5 Paper - yes
  • Price Rs10000


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