nijaOMR software is designed for ease of use and low cost . Most tests can be finished in two or three clicks

  • The program costs only 450 us dollars
  • You can use any scanner, any paper and photocopied or laser printed OMR sheets
  • Using nijaOMR Create any type of Question paper with simple MCQs or IIT type of matrix match questions etc
  • Print OMR sheets or print one and photocopy
  • Conduct the examination with your own question paper and OMR sheet
  • Using nijaOMR or just any scanner Scan the responses of the candidates
  • Using nijaOMR Evaluate(Score or assign marks)based on the darkened bubbles
  • Using ReportBuilder generate 8 different types of reports-Individual , total or statistical
  • nijaOMR is a twain compatible windows software that allows the user to create OMR Sheets, Scan the answer sheets, evaluate the answer sheets, create reports for the class or individual student and upload to the web.
    All the functions from a single program.

    OMR stands for optical mark reader. Candidate answers questions by darkening the appropriate circle. The difference in light intensity is detected by the scanner and the software to evaluate and report the candidate performance on the test.


     ♦ Twain compatible scanner enables you to use any scanner
     ♦ Create your own question papers, templates and use evaluation options of your choice such as negative marking, weightings for negative etc.
     ♦ All types of questions used in IIT JEE/AIEEE/PMT etc such as MCQs, MRQs(multiple response questions),Para based MCQs, Matrix Matching and Integer type questions supported
     ♦ Generate formatted Reports for class/Individual
     ♦ Export data to excel/other software
     ♦ Export results to your website
     ♦ Built in evaluate for IIT/PMT templates


     ♦ Coaching institutes coaching for competitive exams
     ♦ Training departments of industry
     ♦ Schools wanting to implement CCE. Complete solutions including question papers etc available
     ♦ Colleges using in house assessment
     ♦ Marketing surveys
     ♦ Recruitment firms
     ♦ For the multifunction software you just pay Rs30000

    Contact MrRao: +919891793175 or email


     ♦ If you need a comprehensive and flexible work horse then nijaOMR is for you.
     ♦  If your need is to test a class of students for Chartered Accountancy(CA) entrance test and Chartered Secretary(CA) entrance test then nijaOMR-Commerce will be cost effective for you.
     ♦ If your need is to test a class of students for AIPMT(NEET) entrance test and JEEMains/advanced test then nijaOMR-Commerce will be cost effective for you.

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    Buy nijaOMR.

     ♦ buy nijaOMR.

    Buy nijaOMR-Commerce.

     ♦ buy nijaOMR-Commerce.

    OMR Products Comparison

    Our prices are the best for the features. Check out the tables below!

    • OMR
    • Scanning - yes
    • New Template - yes
    • Print - yes
    • Letters A,B,C,D - yes
    • 7 Question Types
    • MCQs - yes
    • CSV Format - yes
    • A5 Paper - yes
    • Price Rs30000
    • OMR-Commerce
    • Scanning - no
    • New Template - no
    • Print - no
    • Letters A,B,C,D - no
    • 1 Question Type
    • MCQs - yes
    • CSV Format - yes
    • A5 Paper - yes
    • Price Rs10000


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