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How it works and Trouble shooting

How it works

OMR stands for optical mark reader. Candidate answers questions by darkening the appropriate circle. Darkened areas reflect less light. As a result the brightness falls.The fall in brightness at the darkened bubble is detected in the scanned image.

To know wether A,B,C or D has been detected some reference is required and this is provided by the four dark squares(Registration corners) at the four corners. These corners also help in the removal of any skew (tilt of paper or feed) and registration. Please ensure that the four corners fall within the red search areas for proper operation. If need be change the settings and get the registration coner into the red search area.

Trouble shooting and common problems

Please bear in mind that any automated system needs similar type of inputs everytime i.e. inputs have to be consistent. Please ensure that the paper is of good quality ( good reflectance) scanner is free from dirt and that manual or document feeder ensure(keep scanner and ADF settings the same in all cases) that corners fall in the search area.
  • If the corners fall outside of search area (in red), bring up the Settings dialogue and move the slider. Check by choosing the same JPEG in in showcorners of the tools menu. Repeat till corner is within search area.
  • photocopied template/omr sheet can cause problems like corner detection errors due to missing corners or faint corners.
  • photocopied template/omr sheet can also cause problems like evaluation errors as darker areas look bright or more toner sticking (in photocopying) causes dark patches
  • So Use photocopied OMR sheets with caution. Keep quality control by segregating if required. If your requirements are about 100 sheets per month. Printed OMR sheets is a better option.Cost differences are marginal.
  • Some times scanned sheets are fed top down (reversed).Please avoid.
  • Some times roll numbers are entered wrongly and this causes reporting errors.

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