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OMR Services

OMR stands for optical mark reader. Candidate answers questions by darkening the appropriate circle. The difference in light intensity is detected by the scanner and the software to evaluate and report the candidate performance on the test. Figure above gives an example.

Whether you teach at home, in a coaching centre or involved in testing candidates for hiring you will benefit by our OMR services.
 ♦ Test is offline and so can be conducted in the comforrt of home with pen and paper
 ♦ You save yourself the hassle of writing a test
 ♦ You save time to evaluate
 ♦ You save time required to make a detailed diagnostic report


The remarks column gives the topic of the question. So it serves as a feedback to the student regarding the weaknesses. The topics are the same as the sections of the teleevant CBSE book.

We undertake to supply the OMR sheets in small quantities specifically catering to your testing needs evaluate the OMR sheets and give report back to you. We could put the results on your website/Email to parents/candidates.

If you cater to CBSE XI XII/IIT JEE/AIEEE/CTET etc we could supply the total package including the question paper. You could set your own paper based on your needs. All types of questions used in IIT JEE/AIEEE/PMT etc such as MCQs, MRQs(multiple response questions),Para based MCQs, Matrix Matching and Integer type questions supported.

Steps in the process

 ♦  Set question paper you/nijaSmart/joint
 ♦ Supply OMR sheets � nijaSmart
 ♦ Conduct test � you
 ♦ Evaluate � nijaSmart
 ♦ Report � nijaSmart
Depending on your needs cost/student/test can be as low as Rs 3 per student if your volumes are around 2000 students in a single test.
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